Hey Beautiful!

It actually feels a little awkward to have to write about myself… because, to be honest… It’s hard to know where to start….how do I use this lines so you can get to know me a little bit more? 

I’m going to start by  letting you know that I was once in the same position that you are right now, reading someones ABOUT page to get to know that person a little more, looking for answers, guidance, options and basically a solution to my problems. I’m a personal development lover, I stumbled upon this wonderful world of inner transformation and growth almost 10 years ago, and I truly believe that in many aspects, it changed, saved and transformed my life 360 degrees. I was struggling with an eating disorder, low confidence and with a huge feeling of «wtf is happening in my life?» and «how on this earth can I be truly happy and feel good about myself?».

It took me years of Therapy, Personal Development, Workshops, Seminars, Books and a hole lot more of kicking, screaming and crying to finally getting to the point where I am today. It’s ok, you can Kick, Scream and Cry just like I did, but let me tell you something: your life starts changing the moment you get up, dry your tears and decide to intentionally do something to change things around. 

I went from living with my grandma, to living in different countries, to traveling for work and  to decide to build an online business where I can do the things that I love the most: Helping People and Teaching. My two favorite things, it includes Personal Development, contact with people and the fact that I do it anywhere and everywhere it’s what makes it the most perfect. 

But I have to say that creating this life took a lot of CONFIDENCE, BOLD DECISIONS, INTENTION and CONSCIOUS CHANGE

Believing in yourself and acknowledging your worth is a choice, it’s something that you can learn (yes, you can, despite your history, background and experiences) and the most important thing is that YOU CAN START TODAY. 

It is time you own your light and make it shine

You don’t need years in Therapy, hundreds of books and a PhD in Personal Development. You can start today and consciously choose to work on changing things. 

You deserve to live life in your own terms, you are more than plenty of good enough to make it happen and I believe that if you are reading this lines it’s because YOU ARE READY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Start by taking a look at my FREEBIES, listen to the  ‘Heartset and Mindset’ PODCAST or spend some time on YouTube watching my Personal Growth VIDEOS

I would love to hear from you, and you can send a message or come and hang out with me on INSTAGRAM. I have build a whole community of Shining Women that work with their soul on making a positive impact in this world by stepping into their confidence and owning their full potential.

I’ll be waiting to hear from you.