⏤ 1:1 COACHING ⏤

An immersive 12 week coaching experience for woman who want to step out of Anxiety, Stress & Pain and into Freedom, Excitement and Inner peace. 


…you’re actively experiencing the feelings you thought weren’t possible for you.

…you feel motivated  instead of trying to force yourself to “get things done”.

… you feel a clear sense of peace and calm inside of you.

… you feel ready to handle difficult situation.

… anxiety is no longer holding you back from doing the things you love. 

…you have a clear direction and vision of the future you’re currently creating.

…you’re taking better care of your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health than ever.

Life’s too short to stay stuck.

Want to make this your Reality?

«Coaching from Lucia was wonderful. She asked the right questions and got me to realize what I need to do. She helped me set up goals with clear objectives to get me to push through. She understood me and knew exactly what I needed. Helping me focus and holding me accountable will definitely get me on the right track. Thank you so much Lucia.»

– Jennifer G. 

This is for you if…


✓ you want to stop overthinking and overanalyzing everything. 

✓ you compare yourself to others and feel bad about yourself. 

✓ you avoid situations that make you anxious.

✓ you are having trouble sleeping through the night.

✓ you feel overwhelmed by all the tools and therapies available, not sure what to try next. 

✓ you experience Anxiety & Panic attacks frequently. 

✓ you want your situation to be different and the things that used to work on the past, don’t work anymore.

✓  your inner dialog is out of control. 

✓  you have a hard time setting boundaries. 

✓ you know that your potential is being held back.


Lucia Garzon

I’m a Certified Music Therapist, Therapist and Coach & on my way to become a Clinical Psychologist. 

With years of experience in the field of Personal Development and Mental Health, I work with you to teach you the tools you need to recognize your patterns, heal you past trauma and create a new you.


"Lucia was amazing. I had limiting thoughts that was holding me back, and was potentially going to be detrimental to my business, Lucia was able to help me smash through my limiting thoughts and helped me to confidently owe my truth and purpose. She was amazing. Gentle and very insightful!"
Marketing Expert
«The process that I have followed with Lucia has given me clarity and progress in my projects. It has been a hard process, but at the same time fluid. The fact is that for me it has been a great support, she is always available, and this makes your process more fluid and at the same time faster. I recommend 100% her support in the personal development of any person, She is supportive in our daily progress, and at the same time, a light that helps us see our dreams fulfilled and to walk alone again, (but with enough strength, to no longer feel alone, understanding it as weak).»
Carmen L.
Music Therapist
"Lucia, I would love to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I can’t even explain how I’m feeling, or how much my confidence boosted! You opened my eyes to many things that I chose not to see! I just fell in love with myself! I was really stuck in all these negative thoughts and bad ideas Lucia! I can’t thank you enough❤️"

We will focus on:


Increasing your level of Confidence  to handle difficult situations, believe and trust in yourself & pursue the kind of life that you want to live. 

Stop comparing yourself to others, get rid of the anxiety  & panic attacks, start setting healthy boundaries and start doing the things that you love. 

Reduced Stress & Anxiety

By learning to slow down your Nervous System, recognize your triggers, change your patterns and heal any past trauma hunting you down. 

You deserve to sleep well at night and not live in a constant battle with your own thoughts and emotions. 

Evidence Based Tools

You will leave this program with your own personalized toolkit of scientific evidence-based tools and resources to support you for the rest of your life. 

The tools will be chosen based on your specific needs and likes. 


This Program Includes: 

2x 90 Minute sessions (at the beginning and at the end of the program)

Weekly 60 Minute sessions.

Homework, Handouts, Session notes & Bonus Resources to support you during our time together. 

Recordings of every session for you to keep, reflect and track your progress. 

Unlimited Voxer support for on the spot coaching and guidance between session, I am here for you.

Weekly Meditations and Breathing exercises. 

Access to the The Anxiety Course (6 Week Video Course). 


The program is highly customised to your needs and the investment varies.

We’ll discuss the investment and flexible payment plan options on a clarity call.



This call you will give you clarity on how to move forward and what steps to take next.

Maybe we end up working together or maybe not. But I still want you to know your options and your full potential. 

On the call we will….

Dive deep into what obstacles are holding you back and keeping you away from progress.   

Answer all your questions!

Discuss the investment and options.

Diseño sin título

«I really enjoyed my calls with Lucia as she is very professional and organized yet personable and easy to talk to at the same time. I know I have A LOT of walls up and it’s hard for me personally to open up and be vulnerable – especially face to face in an actual conversation. However, once I hopped on the Zoom and through the first few minutes, my stress eased and I was able to really be open and give honest answers about anything Lucia asked me. I also felt comfortable enough to talk about my experiences, past and issues I have without worrying if I would be judged. I would 100% recommend her to anyone in need of help, whether you need an ear to listen to your for just a month or for the years to come.»

– Samantha R.  
Business Owner


We will have a 60 minute session each week, and then set aside 10-15 Minutes each day for your daily practices. Some weeks there will be homework that could take up to an additional hour, but the program will be completely customized to you and the amount of time you have to dedicate outside of our sessions.

Results vary by person, but many of my clients see results immediately after we start working together.

No, this is not another three step process that promises to rid your anxiety immediately only for it to resurface later on. I have a client-centered approach that meets you where you are at, it’s customized to you and your goals, and heals your patterns at their core, teaching you evidence-based tools,  so you can experience lasting changes in your life.

I know it's scary and you are allowed to feel the fear.
 On this program I walk with you  at YOUR own pace. The very design of the program is here to support you through overwhelm and learn how to make it easy and fun! No need to rush, I want you to feel safe. 
Know that you can always jump on a call with me and we will talk about all your fears, questions and needs. 

This program is highly customizable. I offer different options and payment plans.
You will learn more about these on the call. Don't let money hold you back because you deserve to heal.